Our Story

Founded in 1999, MMB began as a humble two-man team. Over the last two decades, we’ve grown to become a staple in the Philadelphia region’s construction industry through our unwavering dependability and dedication to providing an outstanding customer experience. Today, we proudly serve customers spanning a range of industries including office, multifamily, industrial, retail medical, and much more.

Our focus on great service coupled with our in-depth understanding of customer needs makes us a valuable partner for landlords, tenants, investors, retail operators, and a range of other real estate professionals. When we say we care about customer service, we mean it. We readily adjust schedules and work processes to minimize disruptions to you and your neighbors, we maintain a clean and safe work environment for the wellbeing of your team and ours, and we respond to service requests with unmatched speed.

Our business was built on the philosophy that we’re more than just a construction company – we’re a strategic partner that you and your team can always depend on to get the job done right.

Core Values

At MMB, our core values influence our approach to every project, customer interaction, and hiring decision. We’re able to provide customers with a consistently high-quality experience by adhering to a set of principles we’ve followed from day 1.

What Customers Say

“In a high-rise office setting, the expectations are high. There is a tact to which MMB operates; they are so fine-tuned you don’t even have to worry about anything. They are the only firm that can match my level of customer service. They are part of the fabric of our community.”